Your #thinking mind is the factory of solution to the personal and collective needs of mankind! Right thinking puts you in your right element and when you’re in your right element, you will not only breeze through #survival, you’d speed into #success and go on to #standout in life. Your reasoning defines your rising! Problems will remain until you probe and without the use of the sense, life remains tensed! Therefore, add #value to your thinking with focused thinking, #big thinking and #positive thinking. The yet-to-be-seen wonders of this age are only a thought away!

The more positive thoughts you have, the more you smile and the better your brain functions — Ron Gutman

Negative thinking attracts normalcy while positive thinking attracts possibilities 

You’ll begin to have valuable thoughts when you start to take personal responsibilities for the events around your life! Your mind cannot simplify the problems you cannot identify (with)! 
Any dummy can think evil but it takes deep thinking to invent practical solutions. Valuable thinking is hardwork! 
Mind your mind and your world will mind you! 
Your thinking sets the expiry dates for your challenges! 

Value-added-thoughts are value-added-tasks. Sit and think! 

Those who have answers have obeyed the call of senses! 

The interventions brought about by inventions are products of a thinking convention! Get engaged! 
Brain task delivers from money tax! The world will keep taxing you until you start tasking your brain!
Thinking for self enables you to #survive, it’s thinking to impact others that makes you #standout

Think and pray and think and pray and think and pray until your answers show up….think and pray, and you will return with things and praise! 

One of my most dreaded but powerful lessons about the mind is:

Everything and anything begins and end with the mind! 
You have no business with bankruptcy. Your mind is a mint imbued with unlimited capacity to make millions!
There seems to be a lot of magnetic force between your thoughts and the earth such that the earth conspires to attract them to you!
Your thinking gives you the opportunity to begin what your mind has ended!

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