7 Steps to Successful Habit

96% of Everything That You Think, Feel, Do, and Achieve is The Result of Habit. Success is a person and most successful men in the world personally programmed themselves into a very strong routine and lifestyle from which ‘who’ and ‘what’ they are today sprang out from. Many success will come out of ‘who’ you are than out of any other thing. Certain things were common to them as part of the daily or weekly habits that formed the enduring foundation upon which their skyscrapers were built.

They were once

1. Early Risers

to break through into the day inwardly before the day itself breaks. They were not standing aloof wondering what activity is to be done for the day, they were rather far ahead. In most of their years, they were fully prepared and conditioned emotionally, mentally and physically just waiting for the sunshine. Others refused to go to bed until the last item on the table is cleared.

2. Mountain Climbers

To serene atmosphere conducive for serious mental exercise for inspiration, revelation, insight, ideas and fresh perspectives. No one makes a news in the midst of a noise!

3. Continuous Readers

This is one thing many of them still do today. Success to them is how much of ignorance is left in you?

4. Productive Thinkers

They think wide and deep. Not for self, not for money but for freedom and liberation of mankind.

5. Goal Setters and Scorers

Always setting targets and beating their own records again and again.

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6. Cheerful Givers

Obsessed with adding value to the world, creating better lives for people and places. Many of them had a background unrepentant belief that “they owe the world a duty to make it a better place”

7. Relationship Addicts

They believed in relationships though they might not have had too many but they valued the few and made the most of them.