The ability to come back stronger and better from terrible defeats and disappointments is your “BOUNCEBACKABILITY“. It’s a master key in your quest to survive succeed and standout in life. As a start-up entrepreneur, as a student, in your career pursuit, in relationships, as an investor in new terrains and as you make necessary transitions of life, this is one attribute you cannot do without. How many times you fall is not as important as how many times you come back quickly, knowing fully well that every setback is a set-up for a comeback.

Three things will help you to become someone who can bounce back and stronger from a terrible defeat.

  • First, work on your perspective, because if you see a defeat as a failure tag, you won’t be able to bounce back.
  • Secondly, reduce the excess luggage and excess weight. This ball can only bounce back because it is lighted.
  • Thirdly, follow the story of men who bounced back from terrible defeats.

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Champions do not necessarily win all the matches! They often suffer some defeats and even make some draws but they win the important ones and go on to lift the trophy! Bounce back.

You have been originally designed by God to bounce-back from life’s toughest challenges, falling flat is never an option. Every 40 seconds, someone dies of suicide globally and over 800,000 people die annually.

A costly mistake is not enough reason for suicide, go back and re-take what you mis-take! Your “bouncebackability” is a direct function of your weight, and your weight is a product of your liabilities and extra commitments which you may need to severe! No defeat can redefine your divinity.

Most times failure comes to teach you what you never knew, a task which the proud is unwilling to undertake. Multiple bad losses and failures are indicators that you didn’t handle the first correctly.

Amassing strength for “bouncebackability”: Your Faith. Your Father(s). Your Friend(s). Your Funds. Your Family. Your Food. Your Facts and Figures.

You’re in a contest only with yourself, thus there can only be a winner, which means it cannot be over until you win. Faith powers the confidence that completes your comeback! Therefore, safeguard your faith in the midst of setbacks because ’til your faith fails, your comeback is sure!  You don’t have to bounce back through the same path that brought you down. Be sensitive. All that’s important is “to be back on your feet.” The best of innovators and entrepreneurs were once “failures”:

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Akio Morita who later founded Sony, invented a rice cooker that sold only 100 units

Charles Darwin gave up on his medical career after being told by dad he was too dreamy and lazy

Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade but went on to win a Nobel Prize

Walter Disney was once an ambulance driver in WW ll, had an unsuccessful stint as an editor.

Oprah Winfrey was fired in her early days by a TV station for being unfit.

Steven Spielberg was a reject of the School of Cinematic Arts, went on to win 3 Academy awards, 4 Emmys and 7 Daytime Emmys!
Soichiro Honda’s business philosophy estranged him from Japanese business community but went on to challenge the American automotive industry and led a Japanese automotive revolution!

Colonel Harland David Sanders was fired from a dozen of jobs before founding Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Isaac Newton failed as an home boy charged with the task of running the family farm, went on to become one of the greatest scientist of all time, revolutionising physics and mathematics!

Thomas Edison’s teachers told him “he was too stupid to learn anything.” Got fired from his first two jobs but later went on to invent world-changing devices with 1,000 patents!

Albert Einstein had difficulty in communication and learning in a traditional way, he went on to revolutionize physics and won Nobel Prize awards! J.K Rowling was a single mum living off welfare when she began “Harry Potter” novels. She went on to become the first billionaire author in 2004.

Theodor Seuss Geisel had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers, later became a legendary children’s author with over 600 million copies sold!

Henry Ford had a couple of failed automotive businesses.Through partnership, was able to change the face of automotive business with his Ford Motor Company and assembly line mode of production!

…If you end up a failure, it’s your fault!

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