S3 LAGOS | S3 connotes Survive, Succeed and Standout!
           WHAT IS IT?
It’s a complete life-transforming event that captures the daily survival challenge of an average African citizen, and through a line-up of Experts, provides insightful, time-proven and life-applicable principles that will pull out of survival, propel into success and standout in their generation.
           THE BURDEN
Three-quarters(3/4) of Africans live below the extreme poverty level. 87 million NGRs, approximately 48% of our estimated population live in extreme poverty.
We can change this narrative individually and collectively. This and many more, represents the import of #S3LAGOS, a total life-transformation conference that addresses all interrelated factors. Poverty does not happen in isolation! Ignorance and poor health have a stake.
All over the world, NGR now house more poor people than any other nation as 6 NGRs slide into poverty every minute!
Hence, the cycle of poverty, ignorance and disease continues to widen.
S3 Lagos will focus on Talent and Purpose Discovery, Building and Sustaining Strategic/Marital Relationships, Entrepreneural Mindset, Financial Management, Maximizing Job Opportunities, Basic Survival Skills, Successful Routine, Habits and Goals, Health Management, Maximizing your Political Environment, Down-to-earth interactions, Questions and Answers  etc
1) If 95% of participants show 90% grasp of the knowledge of all topics after comparing Pre and post-tests results.
2)  If three-quarters of all involved in exit interviews show positive response and satisfaction at their participation.
3) Through feedback from mails, if three-quarters of participants are able to achieve 75% of their next quarter and one-year goal.
Registration and Participation is FREE.
DATE:   November 24th, 2018
TIME:    9am-4pm
1) A 150 seater Event hall between Ikeja and Yaba axis.
2) 150 Conference writing materials.
3) 30 Customized S3 T-shirts & caps or more.
4) Special gift items(ranging from books etc) to the 1st 10 participants to arrive and check in at the conference venue.
5) FREE utilization of any of the services rendered by your business/company (in whatsoever number you can accommodate) by the conference or  our standout participants.
6) Refreshments/lunch for 150 participants.
7) Cash donations.
1) Your company/business will in turn benefit from our robust advertisement platforms anytime and anywhere the conference is being advertised.
2) Your company/business could be requested to make a short presentation at the Conference.
Dr. Shallom Oni is a Medical Doctor with Post-graduate experience in Public Health and Paediatric Nutrition from University of Lagos, Boston and Washington Universities, having graduated from Ladoke Akintola University, where he has a Master in Business Administration.
As a charismatic Life Coach, he has a passion for helping young people in his usual down-to-earth style, to discover their true potentials, move up the ladder of success and fulfill their dreams.
He motivates, inspire and teaches. A seasoned Business Consultant, a versatile Wellness and Health Educator, a Marriage Counsellor, and a Conference Speaker: he’s a one-stop-shop for everyone in search of joy and fulfillment in any area of life.
Currently, he’s the regular host of a weekly S3 broadcast watched by thousands on social media. He’s happily married with kids.

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