Perception may oftentimes be far from reality but is strong enoughto always determine a reception. This is one battle you must win in order to survive, succeed and standout. People will often interact with you based on what they perceived to be true about you, which could be far different from what your reality is.

Perception is one of the ways by which things are being understood, regarded or interpreted about you, which is often
different from reality: that is, the way things are actually. It’s absolutely necessary you keep working hard, to ensure that the negative perception of people around you does not become your reality.

A closed mouth is a closed destiny, never allow the opposition to tell your story, control your narratives, and while people’s perception does not truly explains your reality, it can effectively determine your reception by them! 

Never allow the opposition to tell your story, control your

Shallom oni

A negative perception you don’t kill may become an agenda against you. “Who do men say I am?” is a reality check you must periodically evaluate! No matter what you carry, you cannot thrive in the midst of negative perception (Act 22:18-21).

Not all those with a wrong opinion of you are gossipers or back-bitters. If you examine and evaluate yourself in all sincerity, you findings could be revealing!

To correct misconceptions, you may need to:

  • Pause; engage and dialogue with people before you proceed! 
  • Conduct a “clear-the-air” programme or campaign; which can go a long way to correct wrong perceptions within a
    wider public space. Initiate it!  
  • You must be willing to listen to people, evaluate what aspects are true, and effect the necessary adjustments, if
    you must change a wrong perception!
  • Change your location first, in order to minimize the impact and the damage of a boisterous wind of misconceptions!

“I don’t care what they think about me” is a tricky statement for any wise person to make! Some people matter and their opinions too. You may need to work harder to improve it before you could gain a headway in life!

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