If your marriage proposal is turned down, move on, there’s another helper with the same grace. Why would you “kill” for love? It doesn’t worth it! Desperation to woo anyone often ends in woes. There’s always someone out there who genuinely loves and appreciates you for who you are. Keep searching and be patient!

“Desperation to woo anyone often ends in woes”

Shallom oni

In the purest of your motives and surest of inner convictions, the lady or the man you’re willing to marry may not be willing to marry you, because one man’s irritation is another man’s admiration.

Stay positive. Don’t be moved by a “no”, move on. Those who have truly learnt to move on, will always meet their perfect match ahead. Only the proud takes a “no” response for an insult. Move on! Attention without attraction and conviction is a red light, don’t settle, move on! Love is a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be forced on people. It is very unwise for you to be stuck with an uninterested individual. It can lead to frustration, stagnation,

depression, it can waste your time and life. Respect people’s ability to freely express their choice. “Que sera sera” is for the que-struck. Don’t be stuck on a suitor. Break from that que! No is never a rejection, it’s your perspective that matters.

Beware of “friends” whose secret mission is to help you miss the right partner. What should you do? Move on! Don’t be overrated in your personal estimation. Be humble. Playing hard-to-get is not a true measure of value. Don’t join them!

“Only the proud takes a “no” response for an insult”

Shallom Oni

Real love is more of a heart-game than a mind-game, making it unexplainable. Sometimes, best friends are better at just being friends than as spouses. Best friends may not necessarily end up as best lovers if philosophies are divergent.

Real love is more of a heart game than wealth game.

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