Are you in a marriage or in a mirage? Who are you listening to for advice? There are principles which have been proven by many successful marriages that can make yours to standout!

Many marriages do not survive the storms of life because they were built on faulty foundations. Marriages should be built the way lasting edifices are built on depths of foundations! Get a plan. Never marry under pressure, wait ’til you’re excited. Never marry by tricks or gimmicks.

Marriages not submitted to authorities will struggle with difficulties. Be accountable. It is a paradox that marriage covenant is the strongest on the earth yet to some, marriage relationship is the most burdensome! 

The GLA Basics

  1. God factor; God is still in the business of fashioning the hearts of men together to love and build strong families and strong homes. The decision to live happily with another person for the rest of your life cannot be left to the wits of your mind only. Get God’s leading on it. The choice of whom to marry is more of a heart-connection than a head-connection. When God becomes your match-maker, he becomes your Rock and your chief architect, perfecting in you the ability to withstand the rising storms.
  1. The love factor; don’t ever settle down with someone you don’t love. Marital relationship is essentially a love-affair!
    Don’t marry by pity, compassion is different from love. That you have a compassion to help him or her to alleviate her sufferings or solve her problems does not mean there’s a true love or mutual love. Even though, love is not the
    ultimate, it is a compulsory factor.
  2. The acceptability factor; until you are ready to accept his or her personality for who he or she is, don’t you ever knot
    the tie. You don’t marry because someone promised you that he or she will change, marry on the strength of the current facts available! Do people change for the better, even in marriage? Absolutely, but you can not bank on the “if and when” it will happen! Because a lot of factors will determine that. Many have been frustrated out of marriages because the change that was promised prior, never came. “He or she will get better in marriage” is not advisable for deciding major relationship issues.

During storms, some roofs are blown off, some, the power supply is cut off, few, the foundations are shaken and the entire structure crashes, others remain strong unscathed. What part of your marriage would remain after the storm? Are you built or building to last? I do not know a better person that can effectively keep the behavioural excesses of couples in check other than God.

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