Work hard but let your money work harder for you, remember that the money you have today is a result of the productive use of your time, so if you must make more money, you need more time. Be generous with your resources, but be stingy with your time.  

I’d rather send some precious gifts to certain individuals than spend my precious time. Time got you money, now, buy more time with that money to earn more money. Beware, this principle can’t work for the clueless.

What you earn while sleeping must be bigger than what you earn when awake; this should be your ultimate financial goal. Work with your body, but don’t spend yourself when you’re to be spending money.

Resources will abound when time undergoes a productive use, those who joke with money matters in their morning seasons, end their nights mourning. Once you’re employed, you’re bought, when you’re bought, you’re bound. Free
yourself! Only the free can earn more.

What you earn while sleeping must be bigger than what you earn
when awake.

Shallom oni

How to make your money work for you?

  • Invest your money in failure-proof services, products or offers where interests can come back to you in multiples.
  • Send your money on errands; wherever you can’t go, let your money be there to speak for you. Whatever atmosphere you cannot create, send your money to create that atmosphere for you. This process will help you have more time to yourself to invest doing productive things, and to earn more money.

Those who serve money, have become a twice-sold slave. Money is the most obedient servant on the earth. When it becomes more difficult to spend, it becomes easier to save and be wealthy. The question to ask yourself is: are you spending yourself or you’re spending money?

Wives, do you want stipends or fortunes? Being a wife may give you access to your husband’s treasure but becoming an investor is what gives you access to fortunes.

What you receive from your spouse can never be enough. Wise women use their husband’s treasure to create family fortunes!

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