Frequently Ask Question, Always wins.
Those who ask questions sincerely win the quest convincingly, and to simplify your task, ask. My kids often time come around to ask me “Daddy why is this like this”. They are simply asking question and they want to know, asking questions is solving problems. Asking question is an expression to your hunger for knowledge, ask question for the things you don’t know, ask to simplify your task, asking questions is not an embarrassment, lacking answers is it! Only those who ask questions are entitled to receive answers. We live in a world today where many people are afraid to ask questions and them suffering in silence. One the things that keep people back from asking question is the fear of being tagged ignorant or a novice. The second thing is pride. The more the questions you ask, the clearer your path becomes.

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Questions elicit information, information emboldens transformation. Critical questions unmask amazing discoveries. From a student to a master, Knowledge is all it takes. Ask! When the mind is hungry, it asks questions. Knowledge is the difference between a Mister and a Master. People may look down on you for asking but they will look up to you when you have answers. Intelligent questions will always upgrade an intelligent quotient. Ask! Ask less, fail more! It’s difficult to fail when it’s easier to ask. Never fall for the perception that asking questions in childhood is brilliance but naivety adulthood. If you don’t know “how to go”, you must know “who to ask?” Knowledge immediately puts you in charge; always pay the price of asking!

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