You can’t just allow the money in your account to determine how excited you’re, if you base your excitement on what you have in the bank you’re in trouble. Friend if you have God and you have bread it’s enough reason to be excited in life. Excitement is a positive energy that attract the good things of life to you, so if you have God, you’re living and you’re alive. You might even be on the sick bed today. It’s enough for you to be excited to celebrate because you have a better tomorrow. Chin up because tomorrow is going to be great.

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Health is life wire of every colourful destiny! It’s very hard for sick applicants to pass interviews. Be healthy! Sickness is death in advance. Be healthy! What is the value of your potentials when there’s no health to express it! It takes a sound mind to make a sound decision!

Most hustlers ditch their health to make money, In the days of small beginnings, never allow your health to make the greatest sacrifice. Health is the greatest capital of all start-up entrepreneurs. Be healthy! It takes a sound mind to make a sound decision! Your perspective to life will determine your vulnerability to emotional crisis. Be healthy!


Those who serve money, have become a twice-sold slave, money is the most obedient servant on the earth. When it becomes more difficult to spend, it becomes easier to be wealthy. The question to ask yourself is. Are you spending yourself or you’re spending money? Wives, do you want money or fortunes? Being a wife gives you access to your husband’s money but becoming an investor gives you access to fortunes.  Wise women use their husband’s treasure to create earthly fortunes! Once you’re employed, you’re bought, when you’re bought, you’re bound. Free yourself! Only the free can earn more.






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