Life is  real and it takes a real approach to escape the reproach and scale the hurdles! Life is a major course worth studying, a school in itself where no one graduates from, and an adventure that never leaves anyone the same!

Many go through life frustrated because they’re disconnected from their environmental realities. Look into the mirror, who do you see? The real you or the accidental you? Only the real you can  survive ,  successfully  handle the real challenges of life and go on to  standout .

Step out of the shadows, it’s not enough to be yourself by being sincere, be real by being practical! It’s time to train and un-train so as to be in tune and in touch to blaze the trail. It’s good to be yourself, but it is better to be real.

Being real talks about becoming what your environment demands of you, for you to survive, succeed and stand out. I’m not referring to social vices, gimmicks, playing games or sharp practices here,

I mean practical principles! Friends, life is not imaginary, life is real and it takes those who are real to make the most of life. One thing that will help you to become real, able to maximize the events of life, is to study life in itself. Many go to school without learning a single lesson about life.

I want to challenge you today, that you need to take time out to consciously study life, especially as it relates to your immediate environment, so that you can become the real man that your world is waiting for! If you don’t face the reality now (to deal with it), the reality will someday face you at your unguarded moments (to deal with you).

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