INCREASE the numbers, make it louder and your outcomes will get better. Oftentimes, the quantity of available information determines the quality of decision. There are many things in life that responds to volumes.

1. The volumes of books; in the volume of relevant books destiny is discovered, in the volume of books thoughts are expanded, in the volume of relevant books qualitative decisions are mad. Keep reading till you’re read by men, No one has ever read a book and emerged a star. You need volumes. In the volume of books, it is written of me to do thy will O’Lord! Keep reading and you will soon start reigning. It works. The volume of books will improve the quality of thoughts and shorten the volume of time to achieve! I understood by BOOKS. Respect volumes!

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2. As a young entrepreneur, you need the volume of sales and the volume of clients above the volume of cost price. Profits answer to the volume of sales. Double your sales, Peg your selling price, double your client pool and watch your profits sail, and How far your products travel will determine how fat your profits will become. Fill the earth! The question is not about how much you made but how many you sold? Sell more, make more! Sales sail on secrets. Go for knowledge! No business can sail without sales. Focus on volumes! Your custom is an advertisement for customers. Keep it classy!

3. You need the volume of sound, speak your story about yourself, narrate your story about yourself. Sound it, take it to the next level , tell it to people everywhere. Sounds without volume will lack value. Declare! Sounds without volume will lack meaning. Say it loud! Sounds without volume will lack attention. Keep it loud! The beauty of every sound is savoured in the volume.

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If it is suitable, it will attract suitors. Processes influence profits. Keep it simple and refined! You have a mind that captures data, keep reading until it sticks. You need a tireless approach to every task that thrives on the power of volumes. Giants are slayed, when you sing with a sling. Keep on!

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