There are many on-going fantastic conferences that are contributing to the socioeconomic empowerment of Africans particularly Nigerians but, S3 is fundamentally unique and has been carefully crafted to make it a one-stop-event for a complete life coaching.

¬†Therefore, it’s not just an economic summit nor a relationship talk show, but a TOTAL life-transforming conference that will address all areas of human needs to strategically position participants for a desired destination at the top!
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Here, you will learn about talents, money, business, strategic relationships, marriage, career, health, habits, jobs, values and character etc
One thing is certain, no participant will lack a clear direction thereafter, IMMEDIATELY, they will know what next to do, where else to turn, who else to become for them to move from a battle for survival into success and from success into positively influencing their world for the common good of mankind.

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