You need to engage in planning for you to become a winner in life. Planning is essential  to winning and to be successful . Achievers rarely sat back for things to happen to them, but rather they pressed on and happen to things. Either at the macro level which talks about your goals or at the micro level which talk about de-centralizing, all your resources to different areas of your life with all the available facts and information for you to get yourself to the top.


Features of Planning

  1. Environmental and mental quietness
  2. Studious approach.
  3. Fact-finding. Necessary information.
  4. Reasoning. Meditating. Calculating
  5. Fore-casting. Fore-sight. Mental picture
  6. Pen. Diary
  7. Working
  8. Review.

The paradox of planning: 

Planning does not waste time, rather it saves time. Planning does not consume resources, it makes more resources available, planning does not engage much people rather it maximizes them! Only about 10% of adults really have a clear-cut plan for their future hence, they achieve 5-10 times more. than 62% of business entrepreneurs start without a plan. Reason why most of them fail.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining” —John F.Kennedy. By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. —Benjamin Franklin. A goal without a plan makes you a mere goal keeper. Nobody wins by keeping, rather by scoring. Planning and execution adds value to your time by breaking the time-lump into bits for specific accomplishments! Efficient time managers have undying passion for adequate planning! Thinking without “blinking” is an essential of a thorough planning.

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The GOALS of planning

  • Destination. Where?
  • Indicators. What?
  • Steps| Strategies How?
  • When?

The law of diminishing intent: 

“You intend to act when an idea strikes you and your emotion is high but if you delay and do not translate that into action fairly soon, the intention starts to diminish” Jim Rohn


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