Procrastination is the biggest barrier to your fastest journey to success and outstanding life! The sooner you break up from it, the faster you arrive at your destination. It’s the art of shifting the goal post at the verge of making a positive kick towards your success. And until you make the 1st kick, you can as well forget about the 100th kick that gets the job done!

Better days are here for you already, but could be delayed or derailed through procrastination. Knowing what to do to survive and standout is never enough, getting your hands dirty through work, is the real deal! Avoid procrastination because procrastination is a nation where many failures resides, in fact it is one of the most populous nation on earth, it has no definite borders and boundaries. You don’t need a visa to enter neither do you need a work permit to live
there. Unfortunately many people are on a free fall into procrastination.

Four things you must do to exit procrastination:

  1. Ignore your body feelings per time. Our body wasprogrammed for pleasure and not for stress. The voice of your body is the voice of comfort and convenience. When it is inconvenient, the body revolts. But the great feats of life were not achieved at the comfort zone but at the work zone. If you go by feelings, you’ve computerized your failings!
  2. Ensure you manage fatigue very well. No matter how strong and healthy you are, tiredness is a normal feature of a hardworking body. Hence, allow your body to repair and restore itself to its original physiologic state before you fire on.
  1. Never wait for a perfect condition before you do anything because yesterday was the best time. ‘’He that observeth the wind shall not sow.” (Ecclesiastes 11:4)
  2. Don’t wait for adequate funds before you kick off, why? Because, if you think enough, what you have is enough. There are so many things that are related to a fresh start other than money, in all, foresight is the greatest! What you have is a good starting point! Only the performers end up as reformers, the procrastinators are relegated to the dust bin of history! You feel that little things doesn’t matter because you’re yet to comprehend their inter-connectivity to your next big thing!

Procrastination is a battlebetween your willing spirit and your weakened body.
The spirit is willing to work today, but the flesh wants it tomorrow! Working by feelings could be the root cause of your failings. Except your task incites a pleasurable feeling (which most times do not), it remains alien to your body. Hence, the need for a special system that keeps it in check.

Therefore, work by schedule! “Doing it tomorrow or later” is the biggest robbery of valuable assets and potentials ever known in human history! Tomorrow is the largest storage device on the earth where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and potential achievements are stored.

Procrastination  leads to bankruptcy because it misses out on the time-value and money-value of positive actions! “You do not have enough to start” because you are yet to explore every available options! “You do not have people to help you” because the very few you know, you did not keep them so well! I define working by
Schedule as scheme due (for action). Even the lazy men like to work tomorrow, how do you differ?

Doing it now is faith, doing it later is farce!

You either postpone your pleasure or you postpone your pain.

The dangers of Procrastination are great, namely:

1) Time wasting.
2) Wasted resources.
3) Under-performance.
4) Low self-esteem/Regrets/ Depression.
5) Bad reputation.
6) Ruined career.
7) Trust betrayals.
8) Strained relationships.
9) Missed opportunities.

“Shift it, shrink it! Steps not taken today will shrink in value


Shallom Oni

‘’He that observeth the wind (imperfect circumstance) shall not
sow (work)!”  Procrastination is postponing a simple problem ’till it
becomes huge as a nation! (Problem~cast~into~a~Nation)

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