Dr Shallom Oni as a team Lead, #S3Consultancy

is a charismatic, multi-gifted Teacher, Coach and Mentor of Survive Succeed Standout, who is passionate about the outstanding success of African youths, first, by helping them with secrets to navigate the ordeals of their underprivileged backgrounds(survive) then, taking them through a journey of success and significance, using life-applicable and time-tested principles.

He’s the Convener of #S3 Conference, set-up as an up-close and high-impact platform for provoking youths across the Nation to a life of success inspite the odds, which is what his life truly exemplifies; having grown up in one of the poorest cities in Nigeria, where he trekked several kilometres to complete his primary and secondary education, and against all odds, went through series of tough qualifying exams and drills, in the most unconducive of environment, to achieve an enviable degree in medicine and surgery.

He has a weekly #S3 broadcast on social media platforms where thousands excitedly watch and are transformed.
As a pragmatic Leader, he has an insatiable thirst for Entrepreneurship and Self-development, which he ardently believes as the bedrock for a lasting  African Renaissance.

He consults for religious organizations, NGOs, and corporate organizations on Leadership, Business and Health.
Without mincing words, Dr Shallom Oni is on his way to becoming a credible voice of impact beyond the Nigerian shores and Africa at large.

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