The world needs your success and not your stories. Success is the real deal, the big deal and the only deal. Success is the only deal, failure is not an option.  Success is a calling, its fulfillment by you is sacrosanct! Success is absolutely God-like, only failure is anti-God! Success is a supernatural blessing, it is irreversible.

Some say Success has no formula, but I know it has a format! Some believe success is mystical, but I know success draws on principles! Some believe success is mystical, but I know success draws on principles! The good Word empowers you for good works, and the good works embolden you for good success.

Success is tied to the right application of highly inspired knowledge while failure is generally a manifestation of ignorance. NOTHING validates your global citizenship like success. There are four mentality to success which I want you to sustain.

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  1. Success is UNIVERSAL. Ie everyone craves for success no one likes to fail.
  2. Success if PERSONAL. I can’t succeed for you neither can you succeed for me.
  3. Success has no ENEMY. It is largely a victim of envy from those who are victims of failure.
  4. Success is the greatest EQUALIZER between the rich and the poor, between the old and young.

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Success gives you voice among many and makes you to be at par with men.  When success does not operate like a compound interest, it degenerates into a compound failure. Maintain your copyright to innovate and oppositions will lose their bragging right to oppress you. It’s time to Innovate your world without permission, success has no destination, it remains a life-time adventure for the willing and the witty!


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