No matter where you’re in life, you belong into a category of those who are trying to survive in difficult environment or those who have put survival behind them and are fighting, striving for success or those who are already successful but do not know what to do with success and yet they don’t know how to standout in life. Africa is in emergency for survival over ¾’s of Africans live below 2 dollars per day. What I will be showing you in this series is to see how you can plot your way into surviving despite the challenges, then moving into success and finally finding your peak.

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We’re all surrounded by so many contradictions and we seem to endlessly wait for emancipation. Over 80% of Africans depend on poorly-funded and equipped public health facilities for their physical well-being. Over 90% live in informal shelters, many of which lack the basic amenities for survival. More than ever, we need to collectively yield to the call of destiny to put smiles on millions of faces. You count in this wave! Africa has a total population of 1.3 billion people, loaded with potentials that the world has never seen. Yet more than half of this population lives below $1.2 per day.

Frequently Ask Question, Always wins.

There are things to do to overturn this trend and stimulate reforms that will generate massive economic returns. Millions carrying precious destinies must be skilled to survive the surging waves of an overwhelming sea of discouragement, discrimination and despair until their true potential is uncovered and unleashed for the benefit of mankind Millions of dreams and potentials die every day owing to apparent or absolute lack of access to basic amenities to survive. There must be an escape. Kindly share your thoughts and let’s engage ourselves to something great. Thank you.

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