Tick-tock, tick-tock and the new year is all over again! The totality
of a man’s life is summed up in time. Time unengaged do grow
wings and fly away! Time is your greatest asset given by God in
order to live an outstanding life, because it’s your greatest
opportunity to right the wrongs of the past, reclaim every lost
ground, catch-up with the events that are locked up in your today,
and re-take the lead tomorrow.

It’s your biggest chance to achieve and attain your goals, also it’s
the raw material needed to process all that you’d ever possess.
Without it, you cannot position yourself to succeed and standout
in life! It cannot be over with you until your time is over!  You
might need to ask yourself, ‘’what’s the meaning of a new year?’’
It simply means new bundle of seconds, minutes and hours for
you to make the most of your life.

So, what a new year actually means is that you have fresh 8,756
hours to determine how to plot your way from survival into
success, and from success to standing out in life. You need to
take advantage of time in taking decisive steps and building
strategic relationships that will help you to actualize your dream.

What you will become at the end of each year would be
determined by your active engagement of every minutes and
hours at your disposal.

There are 4 Categories of people in relation to time. They are:

  • Those who do nothing with their time (idle).
  • Those who are pretending to do something with their time (forming busy)
  • Those who are actually doing something nice with their time. The busy (“Martha”)people
  • Those who are actually doing something right with their time. The generational(“Mary”) people.

Which category do you belong? Only those who keep doing the
right thing at the right time, will outlive their generations.

Any contract or agreement you enter with people will have a direct
influence on your time productivity. Look well before you make
that leap. You were born to positively impact a specific
generation, if you miss your timing; you’ve missed your chance!

Always be time conscious. I have never seen a man who has time
for everything, and you’re not likely to be the man! But people do
have time for everything they considered important to them.

waits for no man! Sometimes, we might need to behave like Mr.
Time in learning not to wait for wasters around us, so as to make
meaningful progress!

You were born to positively impact a specific generation, if you miss
your timing; you’ve missed your chance!

Multi-task some of your work, delegate some, hire a few to handle
some, collaborate and you would be surprised at how you are
able to trump time in order to achieve more.

Whoever is in control of your time is in charge of your life, be
careful of whom you surrender your time to.

Time exists as a proof that every man was born to work!

One critical way to optimally maximize and take your revenge on
a waste of time, is to multi-task. Multi-tasking is the ability to do
several things at the same time.

When you start, you might make mistakes, but keep at it because
you’ll get better and better. It will stretch your brain, it will train
your concentration and improve your attention span until it sticks,
becomes a habit, and permanently defines your personality.

This is one of the top secret of high performance leaders and great

I am excited that you’ll make your mark against all odds and leave
your footprints in the sands of time. Planning and execution adds
value to your time by breaking the lump into bits for specific
accomplishments! Efficient time managers have undying passion
for adequate planning!

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