Technique can be defined as a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure. It also implies skill or ability in a particular field.

Interchangeably, it could be used for ability, capability, proficiency, expertise, expertness, mastery, artistry, art and craftsmanship.

Tertiary education is not just for impartation of knowledge or acquisition of degrees, but for mastering of life-applicable and problem-solving techniques. The aim of a tertiary education is to acquire practical skills or ability in a chosen field.

You are permitted to dropout from school and get technically- equipped, if your current school programme cannot afford you that! Don’t waste your years running through schools without earning a skill. Life is too practical for formulae that cannot formulate nation-transforming policies!

Millions of people are unemployed and stranded because the requisite skill in a particular field of interests that makes for entrepreneurship is lacking. If you have a technique, you’re already a ‘’job’’ yourself! Job will look for you, not the other way round. Your desperation to get a job is a weapon for employers tomanipulate you at interviews and at the negotiation table.

Your best time to get a job is when you don’t need a job. Those who are desperate to get a job rush into anyone and get any deal. But when you search for a job when you don’t need one, firstly you are relaxed, then the luxury of time to search for a dream job far and wide, even beyond the borders of your country comes into play.

Also, you have the liberty to determine your terms of employment. Furthermore, you have enough time to plan and
make a good transition from one job to another without particularly damaging your reputation; this is what is referred to as

‘’closing the door gently.’’ Your best time to get another job is when you don’t need it

shallom oni

You’d never get caught in an employers’ web of hire-and-fire when you search for another job as soon as you get one. Always put yourself in a place of options as far your career is concerned. Never ever lack options! Respect your current job and be responsible, but never get desperate, those who search for new jobs when currently employed will master unemployment.

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