Secrets you may never hear from Harvard or Business Schools. Attempting to live bigger than your size without a clear cut strategy will end up in tragedy. Joseph appeared in his best shortly before his elevation. Some bigger doors don’t open until they’re approached by bigger size. Take loans if you can do something mighty with it. Borrowing to eat is the only contraindication to borrowing! A rich man is someone who’s doing well from the rich loans acquired! The fearful are resentful to loans, for risk of failure.  You need a lion’s heart and a sound mind to access huge loans and do profitably well with it.

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High interest rates on loans are not to scare you but to task you on proper feasibility studies. You’re either a loan-ranger or a lone-ranger. Until you do your homework on finance, you can’t take charge of the home front. An elephant consumes heavy straw to yield large manure. Play big! What you’re borrowing to do is what depicts your financial intelligence, not the refusal to borrow!

There are three conditions when you need to leave above your size. Live above your size:

  1. Live above your size: if it will improve your economy value that is if it will translate into more money, more cash for you at the moment.
  2. Live above your size: if it translates to a greater access to honour, impact in terms of what you do.
  3. Live above your size: if it will give audience with the king, and the laws of the land, because an audience with the king when well maximised, will revolutionise your life.


Some bigger doors won’t open until they see a bigger you. Money is also a seed for more money! Play big but stay safe. Avoid a disaster. Living according to your size s sense, stretching yourself to accommodate a bigger size is strategy. Celebrate your current size but be driven by your future size. Live below your size as a rule but live above your size as strategy. Never attempt to live big without a strategy!

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