Success is a person, failure is only an event and when an event is over, everyone dispatches! It’s time to dispatch yourself from the negative events in your past and re-discover yourself as one created and equipped to survive, succeed and standout! 

Everything great that you would ever become will emanate from “who you are?” Change what you see and say about yourself positively and your outstanding success will naturally become expressive! Over to you.

It is necessary you settle the subject of who you are? When you have the personality of success, it becomes easy to walk in success and to standout in life. Who you are will determine what you think about yourself. Who you are will determine what you think about your personality, about your abilities and potentials. You need to know that you’re created an extra-ordinary super human being that has potentials to beat all odds and standout in life. When you settle this in your heart, and it becomes your working knowledge, you’d find your way to the top. 

Until you’re a failure within, you remain infallible without. First, pay attention to your nature, habits and character then, a strong foundation for a successful future is guaranteed! 

              Your habits will define your habitat. –shallom oni

Your nature will run the show on your future. Be transformed and be refined! It’s good to be street-wise, but never join them to be street-crooked! Your future is rooted in your nature. The changes in your nature will definitely impact on your future! 

         Your nature will run the show on your future! –shallom oni

It’s Better to be Real

Life is real and it takes a real approach to escape the reproach and scale the hurdles! Life is a major course worth studying, a school in itself where no one graduates from, and an adventure that never leaves anyone the same!

 Many go through life frustrated because they’re disconnected from their environmental realities. Look into the mirror, who do you see? The real you or the accidental you? Only the real you can survivesuccessfully handle the real challenges of life and go on to standout

Step out of the shadows, it’s not enough to be yourself by being sincere, be real by being practical! It’s time to train and un-train so as to be in tune and in touch to blaze the trail. It’s good to be yourself, but it is better to be real. 

Being real talks about becoming what your environment demands of you, for you to survive, succeed and stand out. I’m not referring to social vices, gimmicks, playing games or sharp practices here, I mean practical principles! Friends, life is not imaginary, life is real and it takes those who are real to make the most of life.

 One thing that will help you to become real, able to maximize the events of life, is to study life in itself. Many go to school without learning a single lesson about life. I want to challenge you today, that you need to take time out to consciously study life, especially as it relates to your immediate environment, so that you can become the real man that your world is waiting for!

If you don’t face the reality now (to deal with it), the reality will someday face you at your unguarded moments (to deal with you). 

“Where you are is a result of who you were, but where you end up depends entirely on who you choose to be from this moment forward” —Hal Elrod

You either step forward into growth, or backwards into security” —Abraham Maslow.

 Growth and Comfort cannot co-exist. Grow the real you! Life is always saying something, only the attentive can hear it. Life is always teaching something, only the wise can understand it. Life is always demonstrating something, only the observant can see it. 

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” —Jim Rohn. 

Comparism is a powerful blinder! Blindness to hidden self, to hidden potentials and to hidden opportunities! You’d never become extraordinary by being yourself only! Many can truly master books, but fewer can really master life. The accidental ‘you’ emerges when you’re unintentional about who you are becoming on the inside.

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