Have you ever wondered why some marriages stunt, they don’t grow, they remain the same and people don’t improve. The main reason is that humility to learn is absent. The husband feels that “I am the boss, everybody listens to me, and I listen to no one”. The wife feels, “I am the wife, my views don’t count”.


There is no interchange of knowledge to help the family to become the best, so the marriage continues to headlong. It is knowledge that makes people to grow, and it is humility that makes people to learn and when humility is absent, the marriage remains the same. But if you imbibe humility and you’re humble towards each other, your marriage becomes the best.

Before marriage, you were experts at many different things and unlearned in several other things. This is the basis for cross-interchange of knowledge. Only the insecure husbands turn down opportunities to learn from their wives!

A closed mind is dangerous to a marital growth! It takes humility to learn, and it takes learning to grow! Until one plants and other is allowed to water the same seeds, such marriage will not grow! Over familiarity is a major barrier to learning in marriage.

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One accurate intuition from your wife could land your family in fortunes of a lifetime. Be humble! The milk and honey is for the meek and humble! If your desire is to grow wiser as you grow older, then be humble! Who does it better should always lead it! There are many things your spouse is good at that you are not.

Be humble to learn. Until couples see themselves as friends, they cannot sharpen each other! Your marriage is either growing or groaning!  Learning from your spouse is not bondage but bonding! I-know-it-all will always suffer it all! Pride will ruin any promising marriage.

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