Your Health is the most underrated aspect of your life yet, it appears to be the most important! Health is more than health, health is the backbone of destiny and the recipe of success. Health is the start of physical, social, mental and emotional well-being. This is to say health covers every aspect of your life. Health determines your physical appearance, your physical appearance determines your attraction and your attraction determines your endorsement in life. Lack of utmost regard for health makes people to see hell. Be healthy! Investment in your health is the real investment. Be wise!


Health is life wire of every colourful destiny! It’s very hard for sick applicants to pass interviews. Be healthy! Sickness is death in advance. Be healthy! What is the value of your potentials when there’s no health to express it! It takes a sound mind to make a sound decision!

Most hustlers ditch their health to make money, In the days of small beginnings, never allow your health to make the greatest sacrifice. Health is the greatest capital of all start-up entrepreneurs. Be healthy! It takes a sound mind to make a sound decision! Your perspective to life will determine your vulnerability to emotional crisis. Be healthy!

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Some health Tips

At 40 years, check your blood pressure and blood sugar regularly. Have a keep-fit exercise plan. At 40 years, cut down SIGNIFICANTLY on excess glucose/sugar intake. At 40 years, attach another level of respect for your body. All things being equal, the body of a 30 year old is never the same with that of a 40 year old. Be wise! What you indulge in freely at 20’s will attack you at 40’s. Drop it before it drops you. At forty years, fortify your health. Be faultless! At fifty years, be fitted. At fifty, manage your body through sound body routines! At 20 years, fine tune your hygiene and habits!

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